Beneficiary Criteria

Each year we invite the military and wider forces community to apply for funded entertainment and event services to raise morale.

We will consider bids to part-fund or fully fund an event for a unit or welfare organisation which meet at least one of the criteria detailed below: 

1.    Serving personnel deployed on operations for 4 months or more

2.    Rear parties and families of deployed personnel;

3.    Organisations supporting wounded, injured and sick service personnel and veterans such as Personnel Recovery Centres, Battle Back Centres, veteran communities, retirement and care homes etc.

4.    Units in isolated or remote locations with limited access to other community welfare activities;

5.    Personnel deployed, or returning from deployment, on humanitarian or emergency relief projects e.g. natural disasters;

6.    Personnel on duty in support of national events or emergencies.

7.    Educational and UK cultural activities in military schools or state schools which are attended by a significant proportion of ‘forces children’;

8.    Units that are drawing down or moving.

9.    Events which promote and support equality and diversity in the military community.

BFBS LIVE EVENTS will also consider requests from a Unit hosting an event or activity which doesn’t sit within any of the criteria above but benefits the welfare and morale of a military community. The event organisers should contact the BFBS LIVE EVENTS team to discuss further.

Please note:

We reserve the right to decline requests for funding and to withdraw or reduce the amount of funding requested if the event or recipient circumstances change or if the recipient is not able to fulfil any obligations or requirements which are necessary to ensure the successful delivery of the event.  Any specific requirements, additional to the agreement below, will be detailed in a final proposal and agreed in advance with BFBS LIVE EVENTS and the event organiser.

If we agree to fund or part-fund an event, BFBS LIVE EVENTS will contract and pay performers and suppliers direct. We do not give cash or make any payments to the unit or provide financial support to projects that are already arranged or being conducted by a third party.

Please ensure you also send us a copy of your signed off event risk assessment and admin order/instruction. 

  • Please submit the Event Risk Assessment and the event Admin Order/Instruction to [email protected], with the subject heading ‘Beneficiary Supporting Documents’ and your event name.
  • Please also confirm who your event has been authorised by (Name, Rank/Title and Role) and if the relevant Competent Medical Authority has reviewed and approved your event Risk Assessment (Name, Rank/Title and Role)

Your application cannot be considered without this information.