Terms & Conditions

By accepting assistance from the BFBS LIVE EVENTS Beneficiary fund, you agree to:

- provide written feedback which refers to the funding/event/service you received and highlight the value and impact this had on your project and the people attending your event. This letter should be received by us within 2-weeks of the event taking place.

- allow BFBS colleagues to attend the event in order to gather content including conducting interviews if appropriate. Such content may be made available after the event on some or all of our digital and media platforms including BFBS Radio, Forces News and forces.net. Note: any filming will be agreed in advance and will give due consideration to Op Sec/Pers Sec and issues of consent.  (This is not a condition of approval, but we would appreciate an indication that this may not be possible at the point of application).

- have BFBS branding on the stage or performance area and provide a selection of photographs of the event, showing the BFBS elements, for use on BFBS publicity and social media pages. 

- tag BFBS socials on your own social media pages or any social media posts and PR created by own media & comms team(s):

Facebook @BFBSRadio

Twitter @BFBSRadioHQ

Instagram @BFBSRadio

TikTok @yourBFBS

Your feedback, along with any interviews and content from the event, enables BFBS LIVE EVENTS to demonstrate the value of live events within a military community, which will assist us to bid for and secure future funding for more beneficiaries.